Premium Features

Profile / Short profile

Use your profile to introduce yourself to others. You can include your personal details and even add pictures. Your profile enables you to keep in touch with friends, and your friends can post messages on your message wall. Your friends will be shown in your profile, and you will also have the option to show your favorite models


Become friends with a model . You can ask the model to send you a friend request. If the friendship is initiated, it will be shown on your profile and on the home page. You will also receive an alert whenever a friend comes online or goes offline.

My cam

Show yourself online using your own webcam. All your model friends will be able to see you by a simple click on the camera icon in the PM pop-up.

Multiple Chat Rooms

If you have several friends, you can use the option of visiting multiple chat rooms. You can visit up to 5 rooms at the same time, with chat and video access through separate pop-up windows.

Mute or Ban

We allow on our website a great deal of freedom and expression. We want this to be the place where models and users can be themselves. We don’t want to tell you what to do, however we take care of our models. People may have a bad day or can have bad ideas. The model has the right to mute you for a period of time or can ban you forever. To avoid being banned, please make sure you treat our Models with as much respect as you can.

Chat Rooms

You can use chat rooms to chat with a group of users, but bear in mind that the model is the one who sets the rules.

Diverse Private Shows

Three type of privates that we set for both you and our models to decide and be pleased: Standard Private (with various prices that models will decide to choose) and in which other paying members will be able to spy.

Ultimate Private that has a fix cost and where there the possibility of spying does not exist. This type of Private will be recorded and added to your Purchased Items. Reviewing them will not cost anything more than what u already spent on the session itself.

WISH Private is the best type of private where a member is looking for something special, particular. You now have the option to add a wish that only models will be able to see and get they're agreement to it. Once models agree with your wish, your free to choose with who you want to fulfill your most desired fantsy. As the Ultimate Private, Wish Private has its own fix price and it will be recorded and added to your purchased Items list.


Liven up your chat session by using emoticons. You will find them in the chat bar below the chat room window. Your are free to use them in any chat you want.


What makes us unique from other on-line adult chat sites are the original features models can use to personify their talks and make them as fun as possible: Receive Animations for transmitting your feelings and appreciation


Receive Cool Sounds to make your messages more original

Tippers Wall of Fame

A model’s profile lists her all-time best tippers, also in every model’s chat room you can see the Top Tipper ranking.

Tip of the Month

The home page footer shows the highest tip of each month. The list is adjusted every time a new tip occurs, and will be restarted on the first day of each month. The footer shows the final results of previous months

Tip and Gifts

By tipping or buying gifts your show your appreciation to the model or her show. Tips may also be aimed for a show that the model and you pre-deal for.

Offline Tip and Gifts

Surprise your favorite model by leaving her an offline tip. Imagine her delight when she comes online and finds your surprise for her! You will find this option in the models profile. **Gifts has a purpose of fun, they are not real items

Spy Mode

In Spy Mode you can spy on the webcam channel of a model giving a private show. The chat session remains invisible. Spy Mode is charged at 15 Tokens per minute, in one-second increments. However it is not possible to use Spy Mode in the highest priced private show. Therefore the user pays the price to be totally alone in a room with the model.


Here you will find a wide variety of personal virtual items that model wants to share for an amount of tokens. You can purchase special pictures or videos of your favorite models.