1. A Token balance that has been purchased is valid for indefinitely. The User is not entitled to a refund of any Tokens, unless  Tokens are lost due to dysfunctions of the Website or unsatisfactory private shows because the Performer in the nude part of the site totally and explicitly refuses to provide erotic content
  2. therefore will only compensate/refund Tokens in the amount proportionally determined in accordance to the price paid and problem that is reported when Tokens are lost due to circumstances as described above, being: i) dysfunction of the Website or ii) unsatisfactory private shows because the Performer in the nude part of the site totally and explicitly refuses to provide erotic content. In case some erotic content is provided, will assess the situation and decide whether the claim of User is valid and any compensation/refund of Tokens is due. A problem must be reported to within 24 hours of its occurrence (
  3. Any repayment or compensation under the refund policy will effectuated within 30 days after the decision of a repayment or compensation is made by
  4. is not able to issue Token refunds for Tips (Tips are gifts and cannot be reversed), group shows and spy shows.
  5. Due to the payment system applied by and third-party payment processors, only the same amount can be refunded which was originally paid for the purchase (i.e. no partial refund of Token packages bought is possible). For this purpose whenever only part of the Tokens is used, refund would as the case may only be possible by restoring the Tokens on your account. The corresponding amount of Tokens will be deducted from’s Token balance.
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  7. Any sort of disputed charge, charge-back, stop-payment, or anything else that prevents from collecting the funds on a purchase that you made will be treated as fraud. Your account will be blacklisted and we will take all necessary measures to collect the funds for the Performers.
  8. Even threatening to dispute a charge with your credit card or bank could lead to a ban on the Website.
  9. If a transaction results in a disputed charge by mistake, we may allow the User to repay the balance to bring the account back into good standing. User will need to contact Support to explain of what caused the disputed charge. User will then receive a link that will allow User to repay the balance.  After repaying the balance, User will need to contact Support again and the account will be reinstated.
  10. Important: It is very important that User repays any disputed charges through our system, because if User calls his credit card company and have the chargebacks reversed, cannot receive those funds and therefore your account would not be reinstated.